Introducing: the All-Improved One Good Deal Platform

For months now, we’ve been working tirelessly on a new platform. While making our website prettier was an added advantage, our actual priority was making buying decisions easier for our customers by being more transparent with information.

While with the former platform’s model of buying deal sheets, you had to throw your lot and hope that you’re not gated in categories and the criteria listed in the deals meet your standard; now you can see all this information beforehand so you can make more informed decisions.

What’s new on One Good Deal 2.0?

  1. Transparent & Informative Dashboard
  2. Embrace truly flexible pricing

Transparent & Informative Deals dashboard

Once you’re logged into the platform, head to the dashboard sidebar and click on ‘Deals’ - alternatively, you could click on ‘get a deal ‘ from your dashboard home.

On the list of available deals, you can see the BSR, product category, profit, source price, Amazon price, and ROI - all at a glance. The ‘view’ button displays the 360-day price, Amazon sales in a month, Keepa graph, and the number of sellers on that deal.

Deals dashboard

With this informative dashboard, there’s no chance of you getting a deal in a category you’re gated in or buying a deal where the profit margin does not meet your standards. Now, the power is truly in your hands.

Embrace truly flexible Pricing.

Instead of fixed prices on deal sheets, you can now choose when you want to buy and what deal you’d like to buy.

Buy the number of credits that suit your needs. The more credits you buy, the less it costs and the more you save. Check out the available packages on our pricing page

What are credits? Credits are our in-platform currency that you use to purchase deals. You buy credits with money and buy deals with credits. Unlike other platforms, our credits are lifelong and do not expire

Getting Started on the platform

The first step to buying profitable deals on our platform is to create a new account by signing up here.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard which shows your credit balance and the available deals on the platform. You can view deals by clicking on “get a deal” or by clicking on “deals” on the dashboard sidebar.

While you can view all deals with an empty credit balance, you will need to top-up your credits to make a deal purchase.

  1. How to buy credits
  2. How to buy deals
  3. Where to find your purchased deals

How to buy credits.

To buy credits, head to your dashboard home and click on “add credit”. The available packages will immediately pop up and you can choose the package you prefer.

The more credits you buy, the more money you save.

Click buy now on your preferred package and you’ll be redirected to the payments page. Credit top-up is automatic and will show up in your credit balance.

Available packages

How to buy deals

Once your credit balance is topped up, head to the deals section, click view more on the deal you’re interested in and on the bottom, you will find two buttons  - “Buy Now” and “Superbuy this deal”.

With the buy now function, you become one of the sellers on a deal (at the cost of 1 credit) while with superbuy, you buy out all the spots on a deal. You can only superbuy a deal if you're the first person to purchase - that is, you can't superbuy a deal that has any purchased slots.

Superbuy costs 6 credits for the UK market (buyout 8 slots) and 10 credits for the US market (buyout 15 slots).

Where to find your purchased deals

Your purchased deals can be found on the dashboard sidebar labeled “My deals”. There you’ll find a list of all the deals you purchased.

To buy the product listed on your purchased deal, click on the link that says 'Source URL'.

To request a credit refund on an unsuitable deal you purchased, click on the button that says “Replace this deal”. The option to replace a deal disappears 10 minutes after you purchased the deal.

Check back regularly

We have a stream of sourcing specialists who are constantly uploading new deals and revalidating old ones so be sure to check back in from time to time so you don’t miss out on great deals.

Ometere Ikpegor

Ometere Ikpegor