The Best OA Sourcing Tools in 2022

At first glance, online arbitrage sounds easy - all you have to do is find products at a cheap rate and then sell them on Amazon right? Piece of cake. But not so much. There are a lot of steps that go into finding these products and then running through a checklist to see if they are profitable and sellable.

Why do you need online arbitrage tools?

You could definitely go with the option of manually checking and vetting your Amazon online arbitrage finds with tools like search engines and spreadsheets. Or you could make sourcing a lot easier by using tools specifically created to make sourcing easier - and some of them are free.

Here are some tools to make your Amazon online arbitrage sourcing faster and more efficient:

Right Click Amazon Search - Amazon search tool

Maybe you found a Disney product currently on sale and you want to know the selling price on Amazon, what do you do? You could create a new tab and search the product name + amazon or you could highlight the product name and right-click to search Amazon.

How it works

Right Click is a Chrome extension that helps you search Amazon faster and by extension, makes online arbitrage product sourcing a smidge faster. Add the chrome extension, highlight the product you want to search on Amazon, right-click and then select “Search Amazon for [highlighted text/product].

Pricing - Free

Keepa - Amazon Price Checker

You’ve found a product on sale and you’re able to find the matching Amazon listing - possibly huge online arbitrage find. What next? How do you find out more about the product - like the average price over a couple of 30 or more days so you know how to price the product - typical questions you'd ask when you're sourcing FBA deals.

Keepa is the answer.

Keepa is a browser extension that helps you track the price history of any Amazon product and displays it in an easy-to-read graph. Keepa can also help you monitor a product for price drop or availability

How it works

Once you install Keepa on your browser extension, it automatically appears on each Amazon product page (after the product summary). Hover over any point in the graph to see more details. Keepa can also help you track buybox share however that feature is limited to the paid version.

Pricing - Free version is available. To enjoy their full features, you need a monthly subscription of 19 €. You can find the difference between the free and paid version here

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CamelCamelCamel - Amazon price tracker

Like Keepa, CamelCamelCamel is an Amazon price tracker. It is a desktop browser extension that gives you access to a product’s price history as well as an option to ‘watch’ a product for price drop or changes. This could be especially useful if you found a replenishable FBA deal. You'd want to repurchase when it's on sale so you can have healthy margins.

How it works

Once installed, a CamelCamelCamel graph (as well as other details) appears as a popup.

Pricing - Free

Priceblink - for price comparisons

The product you found for OA may seem like a good deal after fees but somewhere on the big wide internet, that product could be going for less and Priceblink will help you find it.

Priceblink is a Chrome extension that automatically helps you find lower prices and coupons that could save you money. It's a good tool for OA sourcing as online arbitrage is all about buying for less and selling for more.

How it works

When you’re viewing a product, Priceblink will automatically scan other e-commerce websites for lower prices. A banner will appear on top of your screen telling you how much you could save and the website that sells it.

Pricing - Free

One Good Deal - Lead list service

Online arbitrage sourcing can be a very time-consuming process and it's not always going to yield results. There may be times when you just don't feel like sourcing and that’s where lead list services like One Good Deal come in handy.

One Good Deal is an Amazon online arbitrage deal service (Amazon UK & Amazon US)  that provides profitable deals with a minimum of 30% ROI. They also offer instant deal replacement for unsuitable deals and an opportunity to buy out a FBA deal.

How it works

Once you pay for the FBA lead list service, you get access to a list of Amazon online arbitrage deals. The list shows Profit, ROI, Source Price, Amazon Price among other information. You can individually buy OA deals that catch your eye and replace the ones that aren't the best fit.


From £20 (for 8 credits where 1 credit = 1 deal).

SellerAmp (SAS) - FBA Deal Analysis Tool

SAS makes your Amazon online arbitrage sourcing faster and more efficient by answering some key questions like "is this profitable?" "can I sell this on my FBA account?" On the SellerAmp display, you'll find your potential profit, ROI, if you're gated on the product, if the product is hazmat, or has potential IP issues. It also displays product BSR, buybox price, estimated sales, available seller stock, and a very interactive Keepa Chart.

It’s a lot of features in one tool but it’s completely worth it if you’re determined to source yourself as opposed to using a lead list service.

How it works

SellerAmp is a mobile app and desktop Chrome extension. As an extension, a popup appears on the right side of your screen. At a glance, you can see the profit, ROI, account eligibility, BSR, buybox price, and recommended sell price.

Pricing - From £11.95 monthly. Free trial available.

DS Amazon Quick View - Amazon productivity tool

Instead of viewing a product page and combing through dozens of words to find the information you need, DS Amazon Quickview allows you to hover over the Amazon product and immediately see important information like ASIN, BSR, number of reviews, the approximate number of Amazon sellers, and if Amazon is on the seller listing.

This tool could cut down at least 5 minutes from the time you spend sourcing one online arbitrage deal.

Pricing - free

Rakuten - earn cashback for shopping

If you could earn a dollar for every time you shopped, you’d probably have like $500 or more right? That’s what cashback tools like Rakuten are for.

Rakuten is a tool (app, browser extension, and online platform) that gives you cashback for shopping via their affiliate links. Your earnings are sent to you after 3 months either via Paypal or cheque. Rakuten also works as a price checker and coupon finder.

The money you’re getting back might not seem like a lot but cumulatively, it is and with online arbitrage, every dollar you save counts.

Pricing - free

Ometere Ikpegor

Ometere Ikpegor