We Changed Our Pricing Model and we have a pretty good reason

To summarize, our first pricing model simply didn't work.

When we started One Good Deal 2.0, we had a strong vision of what we wanted to achieve with the new platform. We were going to put power back into the hands of customers by giving them transparent and flexible pricing.

Spend as little as £1, buy as little as one deal. We were going to make replacements hassle-free by including an instant credit refund button. No questions asked.

We did all these things and it felt pretty darn good.

That is until we had to explain to you the end-user.

first version of the One Good Deal calculator

Farewell One Good Deal calculator. You lived a short but full life.

What went wrong?

From the moment we started dreaming up One Good Deal 2.0 right up to when we launched it to the world, one of the features we were most proud of was the Credits Calculator.

We were attached to it for a reason dear to our hearts. Since we launched, we knew that we did not favor the subscription model because it wasn't very sympathetic to new online arbitrage sellers. When we sold deals as a sheet, it was pay-as-you-go and even when we completely overhauled our system to build One Good Deal 2.0, we remained true to the pay-as-you-go model.

With 2.0, we went a bit further by introducing the Credits Calculator - it was simple, flexible, and genius. Enter the amount of money you were willing to spend and the calculator would show you how many credits you could get and how much you could save. Spend as little as £1, buy as little as one deal. Truly flexible pricing.

Customers would eat this right up, we thought.

Few days into the launch of One Good Deal 2.0, as we broke down how the calculator worked to yet another customer, we realized that perhaps our new pricing wasn't as easy peasy as we thought.

Could a feature really be genius, if the very people you built it out for were having trouble understanding it? The answer was short and a wee bit sad.

So we set out to simplify it and today, we have our new pricing model.

Introducing... Pricing plans

Not as flexible as our calculator but with less commitment than subscription plans. Our new pricing model gives you four package options (between £50 - £500) and you get to choose the package that best suits your needs.

Unlike subscription plans, you don’t have to renew or buy new credits at a certain date. As long as you have credits, you can keep buying deals and our credits remain lifelong.

current pricing

Top FAQs 💡

What if I already have credits?

If you have credits, you don’t have to buy a plan. However, when your credits run out, you will need to purchase a plan to be able to view deals.

Are the pricing packages monthly?

Our pricing packs are pay-as-you-go. You don't have to top-up your credits until you need more or you're taking advantage of a discount. Our credits remain lifelong and won't expire.

What happens to my deals if I no longer have credits?

Your purchased deals will always be accessible to you whether you have credits or not. You have purchased them, they are yours forever.

What else is new?

With our deal replacement feature, we noticed a few instances where the feature was stretched beyond the limits of what it was intended for. Due to this, we have updated our systems to detect and deter misuse of the replacement feature.

The suspected account will be flagged and the replace button temporarily disabled. In this case, the account owner would have to reach out to Customer Support to manually request exchanges.

In conclusion, our platform is still a work in progress and along with these updates we made, we are working on others. We have seen your feedback on how certain features could be added or improved on and we are working on them.

We hope you stick with us so we can grow together.

Ometere Ikpegor

Ometere Ikpegor